Types of News


News is a report of a current event, usually delivered through one of several mediums. It is an important means of keeping people informed about changes in their daily lives.

It may come in the form of news bulletins or radio broadcasts, or as the testimony of witnesses and people involved in a particular situation. Throughout history, various technological and social developments have increased the speed with which new information can travel from place to place.

A news item is considered to be newsworthy when it is related to a significant and unusual event. This can include a political or social issue, a sporting event, or a celebrity scandal.

The most common types of news are event, feature and profile.

Event-driven news refers to events that take place in real time or are of immediate interest to a large group of people. Examples of such news stories include war, crime, politics, health and the environment, sports, and technology.

Feature articles are typically written over a longer period of time and focus on one particular aspect or significance of a subject. They may be more in-depth than news reports, and can be less formal or take an offbeat twist.

Features are less important than event-driven news, but they still need to be well-researched and supported. They should also include background material, such as interviews with experts, as well as quotes from other sources.

This information will help readers understand the topic and what they need to know about it before reading your article. It can also help readers make more informed decisions about the story you are writing.

A feature article should start with a brief introduction about the subject, and then describe how the story relates to the world around us. For example, if a story focuses on an important event in space, the article might include a discussion of how that particular space mission affected the lives of astronauts.

Another example might be a piece about a musician who has influenced the lives of people across the globe. The news story should explain how this individual has made an impact on others’ lives and why they are significant.

The article should include biographical information about the person or group being discussed in the news, as well as details of their careers, education and family. It should also include information about their interests and hobbies, as well as what they are doing to influence society.

It is also a good idea to write the story in the active voice, which reduces the obscurity of information. Using the passive voice can lead to confusion and uncertainty, as the reader will not be sure who did what or why they did it.

In addition, it is a good idea to check out the library and online resources to learn more about the topic you are discussing in your news article. You can then draft an outline that will allow you to get the most pertinent information out to your audience as quickly and accurately as possible.