The Entertaiment Industry

A homage to the almighty dollar, the entertainment industry, as it is known today, is a global industry that touches all aspects of our lives and our daily errands. The latest iteration of this illustrious institution, which includes over 20 million employees worldwide, is the world’s largest employer. The lion’s share of its revenues is derived from royalties and licenses, while other business activities include the manufacture of musical instruments, food and drink, sports and entertainment venues, and retail and distribution of goods. Keeping the public entertained, well fed and happy is the prime task of the industry and it is no small undertaking. The entertainment sector is estimated to account for about 20% of total employment in the United States. The industry is composed of a large number of professional and managerial personnel, who are responsible for keeping the throngs of tourists on the premises and the vast majority of those swaying about in public places.