The Study of Law

The study of law is a complicated subject. It is about more than just telling a story; it reveals deeper dimensions of a case. One of the most important debates in law is whether the judging class should be more diverse – the current majority of judges are white men. Another major debate concerns a judge’s sense of right and wrong. Can a judge say that a law is not a law?

Principles of the Rule of Law

The rule of law is a fundamental feature of constitutional democracy. It guarantees that the law applies equally to everyone and that the power of the government is not arbitrary. It also provides stability and allows people to plan their affairs.

Examples of law

Law is a set of rules that social and governmental institutions must follow in order to operate. It has been called the science of justice and the art of rule of law. Laws can be made by group or individual legislators, by the executive through decrees, or by judges in common law jurisdictions. Private individuals may also create legal contracts and arbitration agreements.